Stock Data Application

It has been a while but I have some news. I have been working on a Flashlite stock data application that takes advantage of the localshared object for storing stock info when not connected. I hope to have it completed shortly. The high level is that when you first run the application it will ask you to enter an interval in minutes. The application uses this interval to update the information based on the symbols that the user enters into the symbol column. After you have entered the stock symbols you would like to track hit the right softkey (update) and the application will fetch the data for the symbols that you entered. This data is stored locally so that if for some reason you are disconnected the data will persist. You will not need to enter the symbols every time you launch the application because they are stored locally. I will leave you with a screen shot until I post the application. Please drop me a note to let me know if you are interested in the application.
Stock Tracker application