Change is a Constant

As you might have noticed from my absence I have a new job. I moved over to the Adobe Connect team a few months back. It has been a very busy transition, which is something I enjoy. If you are not familiar with Adobe Connect have a look, it has been through a lot of changes over the years. One very interesting change that happened recently was that it started supporting AS3 content. An even more interesting change would be to support Flash Player 10 content, wouldn’t it? Then you would have the ability to take advantage of all of those great video related features in FMS. I am not announcing any new features simply wondering out loud or should I say in print. I am in the final stages of creating a custom pod for Connect that allows you to play streaming video from FMS inside of Connect. You might say, why would that be important”? Adobe Connect does not allow full frame rate video at this time. With this custom pod you will be able to get 25 to 30 fps in a Connect meeting room and off load the video to FMS. I will post that example and article in the next day or two, so stay tuned.