Video Capture Device Review

I wrote a review called “High End Cameras and Adobe Connect” about using the Matrox MX02 Mini with Adobe Connect only to find that the device was being discontinued.

False Starts

In an attempt to fill the gap I tested the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle but it turns out I was not able to get it to work after testing on two laptops and a desktop with the most recent drivers. It appears that I am not the only one having these problems, all you have to do is search for “BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle issues” to get an idea of the problems people are having using that device.

Second Times a Charm

After a little searching and some advice I decided to give the Epiphan Video HD a try.

Epiphan AVIO HD
Epiphan AVIO HD

It could not have been any easier to get the working, no drivers to install, just plug and play. With in minutes I was able to see video in VLC media player. The next test was to see if I could get an image in Adobe Connect. I was able to see the device in the video pod without issue, unfortunately it turns out seeing the video was an issue. I knew immediately what the problem was, the was passing in too high of a resolution for the Connect meeting. Since there are no drivers or supporting application the only way to adjust the resolution passed to the Connect meeting video pod was a third party application (driver shim). Luckily I have tested several of these and had a couple still installed on my laptop. The first one I tried worked perfectly, ManyCam.

Putting It All Together

The process to get the pieces working together is fairly simple, first you will need a PC with a USB 3 port. I used an aging Lenovo W510. Connect the included USB 3 cable to the USB 3 port on your PC. For a video source I used my Canon 5D Mark III and connected it to the via hdmi, the Epiphan comes with an hdmi adapter. Now that everything is connected download, install and run ManyCam.

In ManyCam you set an input by right clicking on an input window and selecting video source. You should see the in the list.


Once the is selected make sure that is the video source that is output by ManyCam by transitioning or cutting to that input, you should see it in the main output window (highlighted in red).


Now to change the resolution to something that will work for a Connect Meeting, in the lower left of the ManyCam interface you will see a popup labeled “Resolution”. Click that popup and choose 480p.


Thats it, now its time to login to Adobe Connect and start a meeting. Once the meeting is started you need to select ManyCam as the video source for the video pod. Make sure that you select ManyCam and not the


Thats it you should see the video from your camera in the video pod. I like this solution as there are not that many moving parts and the solution is fairly inexpensive.









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I work for Adobe as an SE in focusing on the Flash Media Server family of products.

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  1. Thanks Nick for researching and coming up with this solution, as well as documenting it here. Very helpful!

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