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Nick Hippe worked for Apple Computer for six or so years as an SE in Austin Texas. From Apple he joined a  little company called GoLive as an evangelist. When the company was purchased by Adobe Nick moved to Macromedia. He worked at Macromedia and held a number of evangelist positions for nearly 9 years prior to the purchase by Adobe Systems. He has worked as an SE in the central region, in the mobile and devices organization and most recently supporting the dynamic media organization (Flash Media Server, Flash Access, Flash Media Live Encoder, etc…) in North America.

7 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Hello Nick!

    Excellent article! Great I have bookmarked the blog and hope to see more like it soon.

    Again (I also dropped you a line via LinkedIn since I do not have your email) I very much enjoyed your presentation at the Wireless Technology Forum in Atlanta earlier this week. It was great to have Adobe (Macromedia!) well represented. I have been a user of Studio for many years, and am planning to upgrade to CS3 soon, and have been in telecom for more than 13 years. I highly appreciate what you are doing in the mobile space!

    I am disappointed that we did not have the opportunity to speak further in person, but hope to remedy that soon. I am strongly investigating finding my way to Chicago for Max07. Do you plan to be there?

    Please drop me an email or LinkedIn so we can be in touch.




  2. Nick! Wow – great to see you alive and kicking. We talked quite a bit back in the old Nortel-Apple days.

    Great to see the old crowd still out and about.


      1. I added the ability to scale along with a couple of other features. It has not had a lot of testing so please let me know if it works.

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