Stock Data Application Symbian 3rd Edition

Well I tried to get the stock quote application signed so that I could create an installer for Nokia phones but I finally had to give up. I do not think the process is ready for prime time. At any rate I posted the swf files for four resolutions (i.e. 176×208, 240×320, 240×240, 320X240). I wish that I could make this a little easier but in order to install this application you will need to create a folder called “Trusted” at the following location on your Symbian device “c:\Data\Others\Trusted” this is only required on 3rd edition Symbian devices. You can use the Nokia PC Suite to create the “Trusted” folder previously mentioned as well as to move the Flash swf file appropriate for your device into that folder. If you have not installed the Nokia PC Suite you can find it at the following url:

This application should work where ever a Flash Lite player (version 2.x) is present. In other words if you have a Windows Mobile device with one of the previously mentioned resolutions it should work.

You will find the swf files at the following location:

Simply logon as a guest with your first and last name. The Connect meeting room will load and you will see the following:

Download Stock Data Application for Symbian 3rd Edition

Download the Flash swf file appropriate for the resolution of your device. In order words if you have an N73 or an N95 you would download “stockQuote_240x320.swf” and place it in the “Trusted” folder mentioned earlier. You must have the Flash Lite 2.x player installed on the device.

If you have a 1st or 2nd edition you can download the sis file and the install should work with out issue. I have not tested this n windows mobile but if you have a palm device with a resolution of 240×240 you will find a swf file that works for that resolution as well.

If have a few planned updates to this application, stay tuned.

Stock Data Application Posted

I have posted the first edition of the Stock Data application. This version was formatted for a Nokia 6680 (176 by 208). It will work on slightly different screen sizes but not 320 by 240. I will post a version for QVGA in the next couple of weeks. I have not done extensive testing but I have found a few problems. Please let me know if you find any problems.

Start by entering stock symbols into the “Symbl” column. Use the navigation keys on the phone to move the selection rectangle to the first field under the title “Symbl”. Press the select button to allow entry into the field. Enter a stock symbol then press enter again to exit the text editing mode. Once you have entered one or more symbols hit the right softkey “update” to initiate a look up for the symbols that were entered. If you have a connection the application should update the stock data. If there is no connection it will wait the number of minutes set for the interval and try again. The application updates on an interval that can be adjusted under the menu and settings. You will also notice two dates near the top of the application “Last Trade” represents the last time that a stock was traded while “Last Update” is the last time data was loaded from the server.

You can download the sis file at the following url:

Simply select the file “StockQuote.sis” and click the button called “Save to my computer”. When you install the application you can launch it from the icon in the application folder. The icon is

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What can I say I am not an artist. I am looking forward to any feedback you might have. Thanks

Stock Data Application

It has been a while but I have some news. I have been working on a Flashlite stock data application that takes advantage of the localshared object for storing stock info when not connected. I hope to have it completed shortly. The high level is that when you first run the application it will ask you to enter an interval in minutes. The application uses this interval to update the information based on the symbols that the user enters into the symbol column. After you have entered the stock symbols you would like to track hit the right softkey (update) and the application will fetch the data for the symbols that you entered. This data is stored locally so that if for some reason you are disconnected the data will persist. You will not need to enter the symbols every time you launch the application because they are stored locally. I will leave you with a screen shot until I post the application. Please drop me a note to let me know if you are interested in the application.
Stock Tracker application